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Negative People

People who are constantly negative suck the happy right out of you. There is a term for people like this and it is ‘emotional vampire’. I like it..very visual isn’t it?

A lot of people will tell you to get rid of and away from these people who seem to only be happy when they and every one else is miserable. I see the point they are making. After all, why let someone bring you down right?

The thing is that may not be possible for you. So, great advice in a perfect world but as we know this world isn’t always so perfect is it?

What to do? 


Spiritual or Religious?

Is there a difference in being spiritual and religious or are they really one and the same? Can you be both and really what does it all mean?  I share with you what it means to me.

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What Kind of Labeler Do You Have?

Why do we insist on labeling EVERYTHING?

I understand some labels are helpful like which is sugar and which is the sea salt or what kind of oil your about to put in your car; but often it’s really, really NOT helpful.

If you have followed me for anytime at all you know about Charlie. Charlie is my sweet dog. I adore him like he was my own son…I have adoption papers so he kind of is if you think about it.

Charlie is ...

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Did you hear?

Have a listen to what I had to say about standing in your truth and choices on my Coffee with Soul chat.



Did you hear my lastest call on May 19? 

Living Fearlessly. It doesn't mean living without fear! So what exactly does it mean?  Have a listen to find out.


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