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Bonnie Copeland


You can create Your most Fabulous Life by Design!


Bonnie is a Certified Personal Life Coach and the Author behind the blog My Rivendell.    
Bonnie is quickly becoming known as the go-to girl for
 Personal Growth Coaching and Mindset Mentoring. 
She’s committed to helping you cut through the excuses that are holding you back. 
Connect with her on Twitter or on Facebook.If you like humour, positive vibes, a no BS kind of truth, laughter and mass amounts of coffee, then you might just be a perfect fit to merge some time with Bonnie!


psst.  You can email her today at rivendellcoaching@gmail.com

and set up a discovery session for FREE!


*Certified Administrator of DiSC Assessments

Did you know?

Bonnie is available in book form!

Author of  'Shine On!' and 'Building Your Beautiful Light'



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