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Building Your Beautiful Light:Find Your Power Living From Your Values and Truth.

This book is based on a workshop the I do with my coaching clients. Most of the information is what I share and the tools are ones I use with clients and in my own personal life.

It's about learning to make postive choices and live your best life.

I talk about discovering your core values and how to use them to find peace and direction. I LOVE talking about values based living. It changed my life and I've seen it change others as well.


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Shine On!
The Essential Guide for Entrepreneurs to Connect Self Esteem with Success.

Your success in life and in business are directly linked to what you think of you.

-Knowledge about self esteem equates to control over it
-Connect your self esteem to your success
-Understand your own vision of self worth
-Discover how to strengthen your self esteem
-Quiet the nagging inner critic that blocks you

Entrepreneurs who struggle are often also struggling with their vision and self esteem.

Discover how it's all related and how to change your vision to one that makes your inner light Shine!

Find out why and how to make it work for you!

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 What people are saying  


"This Little Book Has Value. "Building Your Beautiful Light" is a 39-page ebook that offers some quality information about living your best life. I believe you will be truly blessed if you read this book and do the work that is required to make values-based decisions and choices."  ~ Janette Fuller  Read the entire review here.



"Shine On is such a powerful resource for entrepreneurs.

It deals with a topic that subtly underlies our successes: self-esteem, and Bonnie is an expert on making the construct easy to understand and even easier to tackle. 

This is motivation at its best!"  ~Samantha Bangayan



"Shine On is full of hope, enthusiasm and timely motivation!  It will have you reaching into the inner parts of your soul and searching for that inner light that abides within you.

It is filled with helpful tips and tools that will allow you to tap into your self confindence that may have been just lying dormant; waiting for you to grab hold of this delightful ebook.  It's a well written, mapped out, step by step guide that I would definitely recomment you grabbing a copy while you can.  I guarantee that once you read the first page; you will begin to shine from the inside out."    ~
Deeone Higgs



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