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 Learning to Live From your Values.

A book from the Heart-Centered Living Series! 

Feeling stuck?

Unsure where your life is taking you?

Imagine for a moment that you have a guidebook for your life that could give you back the control you need to get unstuck and moving. Guess what? You actually DO have one! This guide book is what we call your personal core values.

Learn to harness this valuable mindset, find out what motivates you!

Time to get unstuck once and for all


A Guide to Teaching Values to Children. 

A book from the Heart-Centered Living Series! 

Our society is changing so quickly that many parents and caregivers are feeling overwhelmed and unsure how to best direct their children.

This guide will set you on the path to clearly teaching the values you want your children to have and to live by.

It will teach you the top ten most important values, explain what they are and give you ways to begin using them to raise your child with a strong sense of values and ethics.


A Tool for Time Management

Many of us are getting stressed out trying to figure out how to fit everything into our day. One of the biggest issues when dealing with this is that we don’t know where out time is actually going! How can you go about managing something that you only have a vague understanding of? You can’t.

How to do that? The easiest way is to keep an activity journal.  You can carry a small notebook with you and jot down things as they happen.  To help you I have created an easy to use form that you can print out to stay organized and to assist you in looking for patterns in your behaviour.  I want to give you this  to help you get going.

Download your free List of Values!

This is by no means an all inclusive list. These are just some of the more common values found in our society.

Values are a very personal thing, which is why there are some blank spots.  You may wish to print this page for future use and add your own values in the blanks. 

Enjoy this journey we call life.

Operational Management Skills 101

Effective Managers are in high demand even in today's troubled ecomomy.  You must develop your skills to ensure you are effective and valuable.  This e-course will help you do that very thing and at only $49.97 you are getting valuable tools and insights that will help you move forward in your career.

Learn what effective managers at all levels have in common, develop your understanding of the key principles of management and grow your skill set.

Invest in yourself and your future.





Tip Sheet For Business Continuity from my friend Christopher B Ross!


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