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A Special Offer just for you!  

Something Special for YOU on Valentine's!
We expect that Valentine's is based around couples.  Although, as I talked about above I think it can be a couple of anything, as long as there is some love and joy being shared; it occurred to me late last night that I could do something for YOU, because you know I love and appreciate all of you a great deal!  And I could show it in a 'couple' of ways.
So from right now until midnight on Valentines Day I'm offering up something I've never done before.  I'm pretty jazzed about it though.  
Invest in coaching with me and I'll double your fun!  Yup you read right. 

Register for one session and I'll make it two.  Let me know you're serious and set yourself up with the package of three, and you will find yourself with double that many.  And you bet! It works the same with the package of six!

You don't even have to do anything special.  Just grab your sessions as you normally would and BAM.  Like Valentine's magic I'll double them. 

If you would like to send your free session(s) to someone you love you can do that too...just let me know.

Geesh..this is almost better than chocolate!

Remember this is only offered until Feb. 14th, 2012 at midnight

You know you have a bigger purpose, a deeper reason for doing what you do.  Sometimes it seems like things are just out of reach or a bit hazy.  You need to explore your BIG why.

Now, here's a special bonus just for you.

My 5 page report on Your BIG Why-->  FREE!

I also included a list of the very same question I use with my clients when we are beginning to explore the BIG why in their lives.

Okay I can't help myself! I have another gift to share with you! 

My collegue thinks I'm nuts, but I love that I can do this!


Recently I have been getting some great reviews on my ebook Shine ON.  


I want you to also see what an important message this book holds so, I am sharing with your the first section of  Shine ON for free


No opt in, no email exhange...FREE.   Say it with me! Whohooo!


All you need to do is click and save it. 

Shine ON!

Enjoy and many blessings!

Oh and if you enjoy the first part you will want to grab the rest of it here!


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(and please enjoy your special gift!)

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