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What are Take Action Tuesdays?

You mean you DON"T know? 

Read on to find out how you can:

  • boost your motivation
  • increase your follow-through
  • get that momentum rolling and keep it that way
  • benefit from connecting with a group of others who also want to 'take action'
  • get ready to end this year on a high note and start 2011 out with a huge bang!

Take Action Tuesdays is a group of people who want to TAKE ACTION to make their dreams come true, achieve their goals and live their most authentic and happy life. 

This group starts on November 10, 2010 and runs until January 5, 2011.  Just enough to get your new year started off right!  This might be the best $297 for 10 weeks you ever spent!

Excited yet?

What you get is:

  • connections with a group of people who are just like you
  • a group that is no more then 12 people to ensure everyone gets their needs met
  • a mini-mastermind..a panel of people to support you!
  • shared ideas, thoughts and support and best of all brainstorming!
  • a meeting (by the  oh-so-convenient phone) 6 separate times between Nov .10 and Jan 5
  • a weekly to-do list and accountability
  • every Take Action Tuesday you'll find a pdf of tools and tips in your email to help you take action and get motivated
  • self assessments to help you figure out your needs and direction
  • an on-line private group to talk with and ask question to other members of the group
  • access to special events for discounted costs or even FREE
  • all for the low cost of $297 for all 10 weeks!

SPECIAL BONUS!  Why? Because I want to have everyone succeed beyond their expectations!

A 30 minute laser coaching session with Bonnie!  FREE!

  Ready to start making it happen?


Don't just sit there!  No need to wait for Tuesday to take action on this.  Register right now

Look I get it, you can't always work private coaching into your life or you just may not be quite ready to go there.  This type of group is perfect for those who want to benefit from coaching and are ready to move forward and get going on building business, creating their most incredible life and can make a time limited committment to the call-in meetings and participating in the online groups.


Now is the time! 

Take Action
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