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"The author of 'Shine On!', Bonnie Copeland, is a remarkable being, and I've had the pleasure of getting to know her. She allows her light to shine; so it's no surprise that she would write this work of art to help other's to shine as well.

Thank you for sharing this awesomeness with me Bonnie. I'm shining today with your help from "Shine On". Blessings and Peace"   ~Deeone Higgs 

"Bonnie Copeland is a life coach with a really great blog that I discovered in early October...I could understand more clearly through these articles that I was putting off my own metamorphosis by constantly dealing with the challenges and changes of others. I have let my own life fall to the cracks in favor of helping others, and am still to this day trying to repair that damage and needless neglect. Since finding Ms. Copeland, I have found many of the things she has written or posted on her video blogs useful, but this is the post that changed me and has pointed me in a direction with greater balance and new focus."    ~Marcianna  (http://wp.me/LGgt)
"I am a 38 year old single mom who has found herself looking for work for the second time in two years. Without Bonnie's help I would not have had the courage to take a leap of faith and start my own business. She has the ability to help you look at your life in a new light, open yourself up to new possibilities and call you on the areas of your life you try to hide from yourself and others. I would recommend this Life Coach to everyone I know."      ~Lisa K., Calgary, AB
"I listened to your talk yesterday. I was riveted to the floor."
                                  ~Christine H. Dundas, ON

"Bonnie has been instrumental in supporting me in attaining both my career and life goals. Her methods and techniques are very modern and relevant. I highly recommend her coaching services"     ~Chris Ross, CPP, CISA, GDM, MBA, Vancouver, BC



"Transitioning back into the workforce after being home with my children was made much easier with the help of my life coach Bonnie.  I was facing a lot of change and was unsure about what my direction was.  I am so glad I made the call!"      ~Mary H. , Toronto, ON



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