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 A life coach is not a therapist or counsellor. These people focus on healing from past hurts. Coaches focus on assisting you in affecting change to make a brighter future! 

A life coach offers support, practical, thoughtful questions and encouragement.  The pace and agenda are set out by the client. This is one time it is all about you! 


Life Coaching is an on-purpose partnership with a strategic focus on

bringing your dreams to realization. 


You will receive genuine support, encouragement, motivation and guidance because you are ready to live your most fabulous life.


You can have your sessions are in person or by telephone.  Location is not a problem!


Your sessions include a Welcome Kit, email access,

and any additional materials, (such as handouts or assessments), based upon your situation, needs and goals.


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My Rivendell

The Rose

Imagine for a moment you have a beautiful rose bush planted in your garden. It brings you much joy every year as it blooms the loveliest blooms and scents the air with a perfume that makes everyone who catches a whiff of it smile.

Now imagine one year your rose bush doesn’t bloom the way is normally does. Perhaps you see only one small, scraggly bloom and the scent you usually enjoy is nowhere to be found. Even the leaves look tired and limp.

What do you do?

Do you perhaps find fake blooms and glue those on? Get yourself a bit of rose oil and scent the leaves?


Of course you wouldn’t because this won’t solve the real problem and bring this gorgeous plant back to life and to it’s former glory.

You need to treat the roots, the plant itself.

This is what coaching is like. We don’t just slap a band aide on a problem. There are a ton of tools and resources out there to 'fix' an issue but they are just like gluing on fake roses. They don’t really work, the results don't last and they can't really help until you have looked deeper.

 Coaching digs down and looks to find the roots of where an issue stems from so that real and meaningful change can take place.

If it’s time for you to start blooming again, your coach is waiting for you!




Some common themes and reasons people come to a Personal Life Coach


  • Most people want to change how they feel about their lives, examine what the future holds for them and make a real, managable plan to get there.

  • People are generally not all that satisfied with their day to day and want to make changes, but are not always sure how or are afraid.

  • A large percentage of people are close to retirement but have no idea what that transition will mean or look like for them.

  • There are some that have very real challenges in the prospect of returning to work – whether it’s from an illness, a pregnancy or even a long holiday.

  • As our population ages and jobs become more scarce, people are developing anxieties over the prospect of having to retrain and/or develop a whole new career.

  • Quite often in the New Year or around birthdays you will see people evaluating both their career and life options and really want to make meaningful changes.

  • As life becomes more stressful and confusing, it can put a huge strain on relationships at home, at work and within yourself. 

    What Can A Life Coach Do For ME??


    Here are a few examples of what a Life Coach might do...  


    Are you getting close to retiring and worry about the change and how you will handle this?

    A coach can help you find new directions and set new goals to help ease the transition into retired life.


    Are you a new mom and feeling overwhelmed with the idea of returning to work, balancing a family, and still managing to find time for personal relationships and goals? 

    A coach can help you sort this out, find balance and keep your sanity intact.


    Are you thinking of making some big changes in your life or already in the midst of a transition? 

    A life coach can help support you in your new life path, help you organize your plan and achieve these goals.


    Are you doing the right job? Does it feel fulfilling or do you wish you could find the initiative to go after the one you dream of?

    Life Coaches can help you stop, look carefully at your career and help you decide the next steps.  A life coach can encourage and support you through a job transition.


    Are you often taking on so much you feel overwhelmed, confused and frustrated?  So much so that you feel like you end up getting nothing done at all?

    Step back, take a breath.  A Life Coach can support you in making priorities and goal setting.  Learning to invest in yourself is a difficult process for many.


    Do you have healthy relationships with those around you? Do you communicate honestly and clearly? 

    Although communication happens everyday its not always getting us where we want to be. Why is that? Clarity in who your are and what you want from life will bring you relationships that are healthy and supportive.  Finding out what needs to change is something a Life Coach can help you with.


    Do you find yourself so busy that you are able to avoid many of lifes issues and problems yet they weigh on your mind?

    Life Coaching allows you the time to stop and reflect. In a place that is safe and non-judgmental you can face some of these problems with the support of your coach. 




    If it's time to start finding direction and feel like you are living on purpose

    email me at info@rivendellcoaching.com

    A discovery session is waiting for you! 

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