Rivendell Coaching

Ready to get started?  

I'm ready to help you find your path and create a life you love.  There are lots of way to work with me.  A discovery session can help you figure out what is best for you right now.

 Your Discovery Session is always complimentary! 


Single sessions $120

A single 50  minute session can be a dynamic way to access your inner thoughts, set a path or discover you goals.  This includes email support at anytime during the month (at the coach’s discretion).


Standard Package $300

This is a package for 3 sessions, 50 mins each. By buying in threes you show you are ready to invest in yourself.  To celebrate your dedication, I offer you a $60 discount!


Determined to Succeed Package! $600

This is a package for 6 sessions, 50 mins each. You know I love when you really show up for your self! Promising to work on your 'stuff' is a gift to yourself.  I celebrate with you by offering you $120 off the single session price! You're worth it!


Email Blitz! $45 per month.

I know that after you've had some coaching you still might want to keep in touch, ask questions or bounce off ideas.  No problem!  To contact me this way via email with a response within 12 hours (if you know me..it's usually very fast) for an entire month sign up for the Email Blitz.


Need an Event Speaker?

Please contact me with your needs. If you are interested in what topics I can speak to please check out my blog or contact me directly.

I often speak about mindset and how it affects our life creation including career, relationships, stress and happiness.


Group Coaching and Seminars

Please contact me with your needs and let's talk about how I can help you and your family, friends or team.




No matter what you may have been told

or made to feel in the past

You have the power within YOU to change your life.


You can build joy, passion, respect and purpose into your life;  because you are worthy of it.


You need to move past judgments and pain, into compassion, gratitude and peace;

because you deserve no less.


You can push through barriers and get out of feeling stuck; because you have a destiny to meet

and dreams to fulfill.


You already are amazing and fabulous.

It's time to start living from that truth.


Together we can take you from where you are to where you want to be! 


If you, or someone you know is ready to start creating a life that has real meaning please contact me.

Let's talk!

Session Packages! 

Session Packages

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