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 Coffee with Soul

Imagine if you could sit down and hear from the experts their own life lessons. 

Learning from those who have gone before is the smart way to go...why invent the wheel right?

Well now you can.

Grab a cup of coffee (or whatever you enjoy!) and sit back because I've found those people!

These wonderful souls are offering to share with your their secrets, stories and life lessons.

Check out more here, and register today!

 Dealing with holiday stress?  Then you don't want to miss this FREE call.

December 16, at 9 am (pst) I'll be talking to you about how to deal effectively with holiday stress and how to really enjoy the holiday time with friends and family.  This holiday you don't have to settle for what was happening in Christmas' past; you know the times full of frustration, aggravation, overwhelm and sadness. 

You can make it different, better and create happier memories.

Register here to get the call in info!

The number of people who can be on this call is limited so don't wait..jump on this now! 

Unless of course you want to look like this?

This November I will be speaking at a fabulous even entitled Purposeful, Passionate, Profits.

 You can find out more as the exciting events are announced and more unfolds. I urge you to register now for your spot on the telesummit.  The list of speakers is simply stunning and you won't want to miss out.  You can find out more and register here!

I, myself, will be attending the calls by the other speakers and I am so excited about what is going to be talked about.

Along with all the information and lessons to be gained, I have an insider track that there will lots of amazing give-a-ways as well.   That's freakin exciting!

Check back here as the days get closer for another fabulous offer!

Many blessings and I can't wait to see you on the calls!




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